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Make Time WITH Diversity

ActiveCampaign and Unfragmented, LLC have been partners in cultivating equitable and inclusive cultures for many years now. We are proud to work with companies who walk their talk and take the time and energy to center inclusion at every level. One of ActiveCampaign’s core values is to "cultivate inclusion and diversity." As a global company, serving hundreds of thousands of users from different countries, industries, races, genders, and experiences, this is a critical pillar of our success. Anthony Papini, ActiveCampaign’s Global Head of DEI, Dr. Kim Everett, Founder of Unfragmented LLC and Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University, and Jeffrey K. Rohrs, AC’s VP of Brand Marketing, sit down to discuss how diversity, equity, and inclusion can fuel efficiency, productivity, and success for each and every company., no matter the size

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